Hello and welcome to the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission, an initiative of Redcliffe College, a UK-based training centre for cross-cultural ministry.

The Centre aims to serve the Church by engaging in

writing and

on mission in the Bible, and the Bible in mission thinking, practice and training.

Our goal is to encourage Christians to reflect on mission biblically and the Bible missionally. We aim to do this in ways that are scholarly, relevant, accessible, practical, faithful, imaginative and passionate.

This website is the virtual home of the Centre. The Bible and Mission blog, which appears on the home page, is written by Tim Davy, the Centre’s Director.

We are committed to high quality activity in several key areas:

1. Teaching
CSBM is fully integrated with the life and teaching of Redcliffe, a College that equips and prepares missionaries and cross-cultural Christian workers for life and ministry. We offer training on and off campus.

MA in Bible and Mission
Develop and deliver a postgraduate MA programme in Bible and Mission, consisting four taught modules (Method and Content in Missiological Study, Reading the Bible Missionally, Biblical Engagement in Inter-cultural Contexts, plus one other), and a dissertation on a Bible and Mission subject.

Other teaching and speaking
CSBM will have an involvement in the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes at Redcliffe, leading whole modules and delivering specialist content on others. We will contribute to Redcliffe’s intensive and tailored teaching formats at the College and in other locations. We will engage in teaching and preaching in Church, conference and organisational settings.

2. Annual public lecture
Each year a significant speaker is invited to deliver Redcliffe’s ‘Annual Lecture in Bible and Mission’. In 2009 Revd Dr Chris Wright delivered the first lecture of this kind. Prof Gordon Wenham gave the 2010 lecture on The Nations in the Psalms. The 2011 lecturer was Eddie Arthur, Executive Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators, who spoke on Reading the Bible with the Global Church. In 2012 Prof Steve Walton gave a lecture on The Acts of the Apostles as the Mission of God.

3. Writing
Publishing at both academic and popular levels to encourage further reflection within the Church and the academy on the Bible and Mission in theory and practice.
Edit an annual issue of Redcliffe’s E-journal, Encounters, on a Bible and Mission theme, usually based on the contents of the public lecture and consultation. Encounters is Redcliffe’s free, online, web-based journal that enjoys a well established and growing reputation. See the editions from April 2007 (Mission and the Old Testament), June 2009 (The Bible and Mission) and June 2010 (The Psalms and Mission) as examples.
Write regular posts on the Bible and Mission blog (found on the home page of this site) and update social networking sites such Facebook and Twitter. These are key ways of disseminating what is happening at the Centre, and passing on knowledge in a quick and accessible way.
Develop the content of this microsite, especially resources useful to those engaged in the research, writing, study and practice of Bible and Mission.

4. Hosting a Visiting Bible and Mission Scholar
Each year CSBM will invite a scholar from the Majority World to join us. This scholar will be currently engaged in their doctoral research, preferably on a Bible and Mission theme. They will be based at Redcliffe and will contribute to the teaching programme. They will also carry out some research for the Centre, as arranged with the Director. The rest of the time they will be working on their own research.

5. Strengthen Redcliffe’s already excellent Bible and Mission resources
Redcliffe is already an excellent place to study the Bible and Mission. CSBM will further strengthen the resources available to students, as well as those who wish to visit the College for research purposes, sabbaticals, home leave, and study breaks.

The Bible and mission cannot be separated. The Bible is both the story of God’s missionary activity and also a vital tool in the work of mission. As an organisation devoted to the translation and use of the Scriptures, Wycliffe Bible Translators are delighted to be working in partnership with Redcliffe and others to develop the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission. (Eddie Arthur, Executive Director, Wycliffe UK)


  1. Glad you are enjoying researching all of this. I have loved learning OT things here in America that I just simply never knew before.

    Hope you are well Tim, and enjoy blogging…

  2. Tim, I just discovered this blog! Had you told me about it? I’ll add you to my google reader.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word about Carl Armerding’s Festschrift. Blessings on the strategic ministry of the college. For the interest of any who are old enough to remember me, I am currently serving as the English pastor of a large Chinese congregation in Richmond (Vancouver), BC, Canada.


  4. My Apologies! This is the first time I have ever seen this site. I am a Missionary in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador and have been, along with my wife the only missionaries in the region for that last 5 years. What an awesome job you have done in putting together these resources.

    • Thanks so much for your interest and encouragement!

  5. Hi,
    I just ran across this blog and was wondering if you guys have any M.A courses online? Would it be possible to get an M.A through you all in Bible and missions through correspondence?


  6. Hello, want to know more on MA study kindly send information.


    • Hi and thank you for your enquiry about Redcliffe MA programmes. Please check out our website for more information.
      Every blessing, Tim

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